Life in the Making
2001-09-24 21:10:06 (UTC)


Greg was sooo right. Vanessa and Brandon are connected at the
damn hip. So he has given them the name Branessa. She is always
with him, or if not with him, talking about him ot at his house. What
about all her other friends? Her life doesn't revolve around
Brandon...oh wait. Maybe it does. "Brandon this... Brandon that....
hey... want to go to Brandon's with me?" Does she ever want to go
to Greg's house? Or even go home? Nope. To Brandon's she
goes. She doesn't even stay after school to get on the net to talk
to me. She goes to Brandon's after school. And he isn't even
home. Oh, and lets not forget... she HAS topick them up from
school. Let them (Valerie and Brandon) take the damn bus. And
she took him to school because he slept in. Um.... too bad. What
would he have done if she had never stayed the night? Either not
go to school or get a ride from his parents. But no. She took him.
The loving girlfriend. Doesn't she have a life outside of Brandon. If I
had a boyfriend I wouldn't be around him day in and day out.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Maybe they should try it.
And not only that... but she calls him every night to say goodnite.
Aw! How cute! Not! It's ridiculous! I love Brandon as a friend, I
relaly do, but I really wish Vanessa would get over him and try a
guy a little more her age. Boyfriends always seem to tear apart
friends. Why is that? Because the one with the boyfriend has her
head stuck up in the clouds and can't get down because she's
afriad. Afriad of what you ask? Afriad of the hight... afriad of being
left alone. But I'll tell you something. Being alone sometimes is a
good thing. It helps you think. I've had a lot of time to myself
because I'm single. And there are guys who I like, but I like being
what I am (also the fact that they don't like me). I don't like being
single, but I don't like the fact that I'd be tied down. Vanessa is tied
down. She is Brandon's bitch, literally. She never has time for her
friends without Brandon being around. I mean, being toegther
maybe 3 times a week (I'm talking nights here) is a good sum. But
being together 6 days out of the week is just stupid. Go see a
movie and drop her off at home. That's a good time together. Not
going to her house or going to his house every damn day. Where
does all the time go for your friends? It goes no where. Maybe
that's why she doesn't have many friends she can call "good
friend". I don't even think Greg is one of her good friends anymore.
She never calls him, never goes to HIS house, never invites him to
hang out with her. Nothing. She never calls me either. I always call
her. Os she talks to me on the net or at school. Yeah....nice friend