Book of Suicide
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2003-02-14 11:58:46 (UTC)

you asked for it

people will only do as much as you let them do. if a guy
keeps harassing you, deck him. if you fight back, they'll
think twice before bugging you again. be assertive to
those who try to push you around because of your kindness.
only give kindness as much as it's earned. if you let it
go as 'no big deal', then they'll see it as 'no big deal'
and squash you like a bug. i've seen so many of my friends
treated poorly by guys and i tell them the same thing. the
problem is, the world shrugs off harassment as 'no big
deal' all the time. when someone reports harassment, it
should be taken seriously and looked into. no one 'asks'
to be molested, raped, or killed. what kind of psychology
is that? a demented one. but it's been wrenched and
drilled and hammered into our minds until we accept it as

i g/g i'll write more later.