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2001-02-24 04:30:12 (UTC)

Why am I so stupid? Randi was..

Why am I so stupid? Randi was supposed to come here and
ended up getting high. So I've been pissed all night
cause she blew me off and cause I wanted to see Mike
again. She just called me like ten minutes ago and said
they were coming. It's freakin 11:30 pm and I'm tired and
sick, and so what do I say? Yeah, sure come I guess. All
because I just want to see Mike. I'm such an idiot. I
don't even know this kid and I act like I"m in love with
him. It's so retarded. I'm retarded!!!!!! Ok, time to pop
the tylenol cold....

Ok, so the night was actually kind of cool, even though I shouldn't
give in...but Mike is so so cute... hmmmmmmph! (sigh)... Randi, Pat,
Mike and I all went to Le Creperie. Both Pat and Mike are wicked
cool I think...they are so dumb. Wudday~Sven. They're just funny.
Mike sounds like he wants to be cool so he says the dumb shit that
Pat says. When we were going to Thayer St. we saw this huge library
and Pat's like, is that some monument or something? And Mike is
like, yeah it's a monument of my dick or something stupid like that.
He looks at me with this dumb grin while we're all laughing at him
and is like, am I right? When I left he kept beeping the horn so I
would turn around and wave. He did it like seven times. I
definitely want Randi to hook that up, but I feel queer saying that.
If I stay at URI tomorrow like I had planned then maybe I'll say
something. Oh but one thing about him. Last night when they were
chilling in my room (Randi and Mike) sexual stuff came up and Randi
was about to tell me what happened to Mike and he like freaked out.
She told me today and said that he got head from two girls at once
one weekend. Emily - bitchy one from "the night" at URI and Eleeza -
the one that's like Becky Zahn, a bit heavy. How that is possible is
beyond me but whatever. It's really kind of gross but I don't think
that makes him skanky or anything. Well I hope not anyway. I hope
I'm not way off in saying that he's really nice and he doesn't seem
like a very extreme person. Not a big drinker or big on the sexual
experience. Once again, I am ending this night in saying that I want

PS. Jeff and Tom broke up on Wednesday...for real? so far but we'll