Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-02-14 11:43:23 (UTC)


Each day i'm getting a little bit closer towards finding
myself again. Man yesterday i wrote the most depressed
entry.. well isn't that funny because today i feel so
happy... I can't explain it.. i'm bursting. I feel so full
of hopes and dreams... it's a lot like the same feeling
that i got when i left high school. It's great. No sense of
security.. but pride in who i am. I feel like a good
person. It's cool. Today i went on the biggest treck to
deliver Gab her Valentines day gift. I took 2 buses and I
went on a big old walk to get to her school. I was out for
about 5 hours.. maybe i little bit longer. It was worth it
though.. cos it made her heaps happy. She gave me a call
and told me that it was the nicest thing that anybodie's
ever done for her. That made me feel good. I just wanted
her to feel special on Valentines day.. like a princess. My
mum told me today that my Dad never does anything on
Valentines day. Screw that.. I'm gonna celebrate it
forever.. such an awesome day.. i'll put it on my favourite
days list. I don't think it should be a holiday though.
It's best if the day is speant just going about your
everyday life but with just a bit of magic in the air "love
is in the air everywhere i look arround.. yeah!" It was so
good to hear her so happy on the phone. It made my day!
Man.. i'm feeling good. I was gonna hang out with gab
tonight (being friday) but that fell through. we kinda left
it to the last minute to organise something really.. that's
why it just stuffed up i spose. And now i'm sitting at home
feeling very happy all by myself as i've always
felt "hooray!" i say to you all! I am listening to the
pumpkins again (yeah i know.. again and again and again
with those smashing pumpkins) each one of their 8 hours
worth of songs that i own tells me a story of myself at the
moment i am listening to "the tale of dusty and pistol
pete" I was gonna write a play based on this song once.. i
still might one day.. i had a whole story line and
everything figured out. I am happy and that is it. I wanna
get myself an agent so badly.. i was supposed to start my
career when i finished school.. well now i'm free and i
just sit arround on my arse all day moaning about sad
things. well enough of that mister. I'll have heaps of time
for that when i'm a house dad (apart from the moaning
hopefully). I love my silly things that i do.. i am a
romantic mofo aren't i. I love that part of myself. hmm
well anyway i'll go now... happy Valentines day everyone. I
wish love upon all of your souls.. may it swallow your
essence and spit you out of it's glorious mouth.