lauren s

..always something new..
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2001-09-24 20:42:11 (UTC)


here sorry its just a lil poem i came across and i thought
it was nice.. its not mine but its pretty and it reminds me
of the way i feel sometimes i guess...

every smile you thought went unnoticed... i will remember.
each laugh we've shared... i’ll endure.
i’ll relive these memories forever,
because now we'll be making no more.

for me every moment meant something,
i realize you can't say the same.
i'll never hold this against you.
anger brings nothing but pain.

i'll always remember your weakness,
for a moment you let me see.
i'll remember the joy it brought to me,
knowing you trusted in me.

i'll always remember the talks we’ve shared,
that sometimes could last all day.
when we could comfortably say nothing,
and the silence for us was okay.

i'll remember each moment spent with you,
and each time you asked me to stay.
i'll remember the dreams you gave to me,
and the ones that time cant take away.

i'll always remember our friendship,
and the truths you’ve made me see.
i hope when im gone you wont forget these things
and hope you'll remember me.

... if any of my friends come across this, its for all of
you : ) ...