2003-02-14 10:13:08 (UTC)

Homo Hop-Shit

so after just getting back from five for the homo hop i've
decided that i'm never going back there really
did feel like high school and that's not me...i didn't see
alex from russia and me and ray made out again (how does
that happen???)...the night was still fun but only because
we made it fun...aldirto took off his shirt again (for the
millionth time)...that boy needs a shirt stapled to him or
else he's never gonna be today i went to
school...i stayed up all night just so i wouldn't miss
class...and as usual class sucked again...fucking lily
alexander and her mullet need to be shot man...her classes
suck total balls...shes the most ignorant, unflattering
pretentious teacher i've ever had...aimee almost started a
fight with her over gay issues because all she ever talks
about is hetero's and aimee doesn't appreciate that (she's
a lesbian)...i just told aimee to relax because her
opinions mean nothing anyways...back to five it sucked
balls...did i say that i'm supposed to have a
valentines day dinner with alex from russia but something
tells me that its not happening...i dunno why but i just
don't feel it becoming a reality...whatever...we'll have a
singles party and whore it up right alex? booya
bitch...and alex if you read this i think your so cute for
telling me about Eric because it made me feel so happy
that you can trust me with your deep thoughts...whatever
happens I hope that you always are the happiest person on
the earth because you deserve it...I can't believe your in
love (maybe) with Eric but if you are I hope hope hope
that it all works out in the end and that I'm the best man
at your wedding!!! i want a cumberbund for my eating an orange now for no reason
whatsoever but just because...hey i have to work tomorrow not i feel a little depressed only
because i think im lonely...not alone because i have and
love my friends and my family but i really want that
connection with someone you know...and fucking valentines
day doesn't help does it? ah well cest la still
alive and breathing and that's what im
alittle drunk right now but whos counting? the way im
eating an apple too...hahhaha...a green one..not a granny
smith the other figure it out...and im really
horny because im not masturbating anymore...i think i'll
go look at gay porn and hope that tomorrow i'll get laid...

kisses and hugs to those who care...