2001-09-24 20:30:18 (UTC)

first time for everything

so here goes...i have never had a diary before and i make
my first one public online domain. crazy. maybe its that i
never thought i needed one before, but now i have so many
fucked up things running through my head, and it just seems
easier to vent them to people that do not even know my
name. i love the concept of privacy, i am a very private
introverted kind of person. dont get me wrong, i like
people, they interest and entertain me, only i have had
very few connections with people throughout the years. i
am cynical and will probably die old and bitter because i
never trust anything and never let anyone get too close,
cutting them off seems easier. well, actually people can
get as close as they want, its when i start getting close
that i stop. well here it is journal #1. enjoy.