Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2003-02-14 07:54:05 (UTC)

Valentines Day... Alone, Again...

Well, this marks the 3rd Valentines day in row where i am alone

last year, well, it was a bust, pun intended, and the year before
that, well, i was with one whom was not the one i wanted...

so, today marks a day where i find myself wanting to stake
myself to a Mack Truck as it piles into a brick wall

well, i am sending off valentines to the 5 grrls whom i like, and
whom will appreciate them, if for some reason you didn't get
one, it's not because i don't like you, i just didn't think you'd
appreciate the cards i am sending, they're very... kinky...
so if you didn't get one and wanted one, sorry, i'm an asshole,
and i won't make the mistake next year.

i wonder, 8 years ago i had a good valentines, 7 years ago, it
was an unmitigated disaster, 6 years ago, shit... what happened,
i forget, 4 years ago was with kris, 5 years ago was not with
kris, but with no one... hmm...

hmm, when i was 19, i asked out Maria, she was nice, we went
to dinner, i bought her a valentine's day rose, bought a box of
chocolates, and some crap peice of chain for her... the words
over doing it come to mind...

i never seem to have a good valentines, this year i was going to
buy roses for all the grrls at work, who i liked and a few for the
other few i knew...

four of them i know for a fact have never had anyone buy one for
them, stupid boyfriends, or maybe simply they just didn't think
of it... or.. i dunno... course, i think flowers for a grrl on every
occasion is nice... birthday, valentines day, x-mas, halloween,
when they are particularly upset with something, when they
aren't having a good day, when they are having a good day,
when i just feel like it...

so, i dunno... perhaps this year will mark the end of my losing

i am going to loose the weight i have, going to stop drinking
pepsi and shit, and hopefully, hopefully...

start feeling better about myself...

who knows... maybe i'll meet a nice grrl, actually i have met
some nice grrls, but none of them are interested, or within the
city limits... or are seeing someone else..

we shall see, what we shall see