2001-09-24 20:27:48 (UTC)

no not today

...dimi's grounded. He brought home another D....geez Dimi,
why'd you have to go and do that? Mom was pissed. When dad
gets home he will be mad as well. Only...he might or might
not beat him. Depends on how mad he is...
I remember that beating. That hurt reeeeaaaaaalllly
bad. I had open sores all over, and I can remember dad being out of
breath from hitting me so hard. That was scary. When mom
got scary, she would just go into this schizophrenic
tantrum and throw things at me. It was out of love and I
love my parents...they did it in my interest. Now, I don't
even get scolded. I mean, Im 17 do I need to be reminded
about things anymore?? I didn't think so. Growing up,
people were afraid of my parents after I told them I was
hit by them..."OH MY GOSH!! YOUR DAD DID WHAT?!?!?" that's
what they would say and it followed with me nervously
shrugging it off. Oh god, oh god...if they call child
services Im screwd, I'd tell myself. Yeeaahh... those were
the days.... I guess being hit by a shoe is ten times
better than being punched and then raped by your dad like
my best friend's friend. Soon after, the girl's father
killed her. It was in the news I believe, and he's still in
jail. That sux, correct?
...ouch, or what about the mother that forced her 4
year old into prostitution in order to get a quick fix? Or
that one chick that made her daughter drink urine and eat
her own defecation? What the hell is that all about?!? I
dunno...just a few things that allow me be thankful for
having it so's so sad what we put each other I right?