My Gay Misadventures
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2003-02-14 07:30:14 (UTC)

The walls come crashing down...

Well...I'v really gotten myself in a load of crap, again. I
spent all day With the Tonymiester...and yes, I'll admit, I
like the guy. He's sweet, kind, and emotinaly scared, I
like that. Anyway...I went to Castroville with him to see
his mom, to drop off a cam. Nice family. anyway, now for
the shitty part...Oh wait...I skipped the MAIN
trigger....Ok, When Tony first came over, (11am) I had lost
my keys and we spent 2 hours looking (still havnt found da
fuckers) and while takin a break, we laid on the bed (yes,
you can foreshadow already)...{Whoa...Deja vu}....and we
started making out;hardcore. It lead to dry humpin, which
was real nice...and then I suggest we finished it off in
the bathroom, where we just made out and jerked off...(and
might I add, I tore my skin cuz I was Waaaayyyyy too dry)
well, after that, needless to say, we got closer. after the
trip back to Sa-town from Castrationville, or whatever,
Tony called Dean...(time for the annoying drama) I heard
Dean 'yell' at Tony for some stupid shit. I was
shocked...He was treating Tony like a houseboi...He dont
need dat shit...(eeek. sounds like i really like him, huh?)
Im trying not to think anything of it...but the fact it was
a casual sex thing...Most guys would never have done what i
did with an HIV person...but thats all I see...a person.
Anyway...My dick hurts...I rubbed too hard...I need to
solve dis shit!...I needa punch something...

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