2003-02-14 07:23:32 (UTC)

you put the happi- in my -ness

you put the good times into my fun

Chicago was really good.....

So. Valentines day, huh? It seems like everything is just
a reminder of years before... I cant believe its been a
year since last valentines day.... and i cant believe its
been 3 years since that one.... 4 years ago.... ashley gave
me a rose and everyone was like "a girl gave you
that???????!!! OH MY GOD!!!!" lol.....4 years ago huh.

well at least we'll be together tomorrow and thats all i
can ask....

i did really badly on my biology test.. im really
disappointed because all my grades have been so good this
semester in all my classes... but itll be okay

i was supposed to go to the doctor tomorrow about all these
problems... but im not going now. its okay i was really
scared to go anyway...

he wrote this email to this girl... nothing funny but i
didnt expect it... she wrote him first... but. it was
weird. i didnt tell him i read it... i really shouldnt
bother with his stuf, its not right, and plus im sure its
nothign and now im all stressing over nothing...

i still really want this to work... and part of me is
saying give it up it will never be right for you, but what
else do i have to do...

we'll see im just so numb to it all anymore, which was
always my biggest fear.... but he always wins.

anyway. bed time.