A Hippie's Thoughts......
2001-09-24 20:25:29 (UTC)

RainY DaYz aRe Ok

Hey Journal! Its Me..Jane! Today Its rainy outside! Usually
Im not 2 fond of rain..but 2day has been good..so Im ok
with rain now! Lets see..my day was good 4 one reason..cuz
I got 2 see *Bacon/Joe/Wilson* 2day! My BFFZ Know who im
talkin about! LoL!! Im also happy..cuz our tennis match got
cancelled cuz we were playing N.West (The Stuck Up Team..No
Offense MeLsmeLLz..ur like The only CooL One There..U *n*
KK aRe)! NeWayz..Im happy cuz i made a 21/20 on my Biology
Paper 2day! Yesssssss!
Now..I didnt say that ALLLLLL of the day was good.
Theres also some sucky part 2 ur day! Mine would have to
have been in 3rd Block! Ok..see theres this Dude Named
Chester..right? Ok Well He is in this group home
thingy..and he used 2 be suicidal and all..and stuff and he
was molested when he was younger by his brother. Well get
this...the past few dayz he has been talking 2 me (which
this is the 1st time since school started)..he keeps
wanting me 2 bring him this stupid Tennis ball keychain
(cuz i have 2..one's on my bookbag) and everyday that i
dont bring it..he "so-calls" gets 2 play with the one on my
bookbag until the end of class! Well 2day..we were coming
back from lunch..and b4 the bell rang he was like.."i wish
u didnt have a bfriend" i was like "i dont" and he was
like "good..now my chances are greater"! but the weird
thing is..is that i dont know how 2 tell a "different"
person, in a nice way, that i would never in my LIFE date
them! So..thats why my day has kinda been sucky! But cha
know~! So im gonna gooo..and Hey 2 everyone that will be
reading this sooner or later!

With Love,

P.S. See theres this gurl and she is just UGHHHHHHHH and
ive known her 4 a pretty long time, i guess u could
say..and she is just UGGGGGGGGGGGH! shez become SOOOO stuck
up and shez always saying rude things 2 me and my friends!
What should I Do?

God Loves All *Underdogz*