2001-09-24 20:11:21 (UTC)

Annoying Annoying..

Every one is talking about the disaster. You know, the
terrosist attack?

it's so annoying how all the channels (mtv, vh1, comedy
central, news stations, fox channel 6, ect ect) are saying
how sorry they are about the "tragic" happenings that
happened. When in all honesty alot of those people dont
give a flying fuck. They're just saying it becuase they
HAVE to. So people dont get pissed and think "Oh see they
do care!" they're so fake. And I cant believe people fall
for it.

Another thing that pisses me off is that people keep
brining it up. Yea it sucks and all. And it really sucks
people died but bringing it up and saying "Oh so sorry"
isnt going to do crap.

Expecially for the people who DID lose someone in that
attack. I mean, they're trying to get better and with every
one bringing it up it makes it worse for them.

And if America does go into war, we're completely screwed.
You know why? Our generation was brought up to think/feel
hat there wouldnt be a war. And our generation isnt READY
for a war. if we go into one they;ll be holding a gun
watching every one being shot up and they'll be freaking
out "Oh my fucking god! I cant do this man.. i cant do it!"

Our generation is a bunch of pussies. Plain and simple.

What makes matters worse is that we have a dumb ass
president. (Bush) who didnt really win but cheated.

I mean come on. Gore WON the popular vote, then Bush wins?
Not to mention Bush's brother is senator in florida which
that state had an 'accident' and had to do a re-count.

...we're screwed.