The diary of Mari
2001-09-24 19:52:05 (UTC)

School day.....

Hi Diary and ppl reading it :o)
Today i went to school again and my procject failed.
Well my project was:
Yesterday before i went to sleep I made a promise that
today i wouldnt be shy...
But it failed. I guess i will never be as popular as the
popular girls..

Remember my tests? Well i got an 5 on my story and an 5- on
the Science test. Its ok, i guess.. I quitted two hours
earlier today because of a english project. I went home
with Tove (remember her?) and we ate som cake and muffins.
And we talked. Well i asked her if she wanted to be with me
home but she said she had to eat dinner and she would call
when she could come.

I made the dinner today,fishingsoup. It was wery good as
matter of fact :) Well i called Elina and I went to her.
Tove called before and i said i call her back in an half
and hour. I didnt do that. Me and Elina went to Linn and
there was Aria and Hege to. We talked and joked on the

I found out that Elina and Hege was at Tove's place
yesterday. Elina said she coudnt be with me because she had
to go to her grandmother. She didnt...?

I guess i dont want Elina, Hege and Tove to become friends
because Tove is so "nice" to new people and then Elina and
Hege maybe will start liking her better than me...
I know it sounds selfish but i mean it. She is better than
be in everything! You name it!

Now I have to maybe do some homework.. Maybe, maybe,

Talk to you ppl later!

Love, Mari