Lost and Searching
2003-02-14 04:26:08 (UTC)

Rain, Rain, Rain

Well today was a great day but then again i have learned
not to take those for granted anymore, because who knows
what tomorrow will look like....Lately it seems that i
can't make it past the three o'clock in the afternoon...i
don't know, but as soon as its three, i feel like i am
ready to drop, so i climb into bed and fall asleep, wake up
about six, do my homework, or anything else, and then am
ready for bed by like ten...tonight its about ten thirty
and i feel like i don't have the strength to make it to
bed..thank god for my live in nurse...well i can't say she
is really a private nurse b/c she still works at the local
hospital but its nice knowing that i don't have to depend
on my family for all the little things....and when we go
out it does get kinda akward at times when i go one with
someone else, but she knows that there are times that i
have to feel like a normal human tomorrow
night we are going to go out together for dinner in a
different i am looking forward to dressing up
proper, like in a skirt and such and getting away, where we
will be unknown...
right now i am supposed to be studying for a two test
tomorrow but i have studied since last night and am not in
the mood to study anymore, and i am having a case of the so
whats....but damnit i am not going to let pity keep me down
right now....