edy's life
2001-09-24 19:33:31 (UTC)

feelin so weird

idono its weird i went thru skool today and i didnt even
see aby i was lookin oso much for her its weird i dono why
but i wanted to see her so bad i liek brought her pictures
to skool with me and i look at them and i felt soo good cuz
one pic was of her and i took it :) i just feel soo liek
confused liek im missing somehitng or liek im doin
somehitng wrong i kinda feel like sad

anway im movin in liek 4 days i cant wait my life will be
so much better i wont have to share a room and i wont have
ot listen to my mom and step dad scream and yell about how
much they hate eachother and then they throw shit at
eacother my mom threw like a flower vase threw are window
in are kitchen and my stepdad was liek rippen up my family
movies and throwin them its soo bad thas why im never ever
home i cant stand it

soo soo stupid but o well what ya gonna do riet ??
ahhh i dono im feelin liek soo weird liek not mad not sad
but not happy unles im with aby !!1

i tihkn that the more im wiht her the more ill like her
but everyones liek r u goonna bang her and i was totally
liek dude that is the last thing i htink about seriosuly
she is such a great person id be lost with out her !!!!