prom queen killer

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2001-09-24 19:22:45 (UTC)


Ok now I'm really pissed off! I've got a stupid stuck up
bitch annoying me on msn grrr they're so predictable! not
to mention annoying! Everybody knows at least one of these.
There's got to be a name for them, if anybody knows tell
me. It's the way they think they're better than you, the
way that they're perfect and wonderful and compared to them
your shit, second rate shit at that. The whole world
revolves around them, and how they make stupid little
criticisms on everything you do. Ok, it does sound like
jealousy, but it's not! There's no way in hell I would want
to be like that, no way I would want everyone to hate me
but pretend to like me because otherwise the stuck up bitch
will talk about them behind their back. Yuck! No chance!
*deep breaths* there's nothing like a good rant:D

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