2001-09-24 19:22:26 (UTC)


I don't know if I am the only one but I know I constently
need reassuring from my girlfriend. I always yearn to hear
I care about you, I missed you today. I always need a
hug. I need to be kissed, and my back patted. She sent me
an e-mail today saying the reason she doesn't say it is
because she has been hurt before. WEll That just makes me
want to kick the persons ass that hurt her. You know what
fuck all the guys and girls out there playing with peoples
heads. I am crying right now and I am in a public place
and people are looking at me funny. I really care about
Kim but if she doesn't tell me its like she doesn't. That
is why I am crying. I have never cried over a girl before
and you know what? The weird thing is we aint even broke-
up. I just feel lonely right now without her. I just want
to here I care about you. I want to lay in her arms. Why
do I feel this way? I have always wanted to have a girl
that is crazy about me! Not to send me letters saying "I
know what you did last summer", but just someone that will
always reassure me that I am the one and there is no
other. I use to think I was jealous but I am not. Matter
of fact it wasn't till about 1 minute ago that I found this
out. I am just insecure about myself. That is what the
problem is. I can't help it though!