Aradia Goblin Queen

Aradia's Head
2003-02-14 03:39:40 (UTC)

sometimes i just cant deal

this is going to be irrational so be forewarned

ive been letting things slide lately, not letting anything
really bother me.
cept once in a while, i kinda feel left out or alone and i
cant help it.
its not like a debilatating "oh my goddess no one loves me"
its more like "oh they forget about me again."
and i dont wanna be dependant on anyone else, i try my
damndest to be strong on my own. but its really getting
hard, sometimes when i get down i just want someone to hold
me and tell me its ok, i dont think thats asking alot.
but becuz ive put up such barriers i think people are
afraid to try with me.
also, i dont know but between my grandfather dying,
my "new" step sister being at the funeral i couldnt go to,
my aunt being in the hospital and now my mom on top of the
constant reminder that im just not attractive to the
opposite sex, well, everything is kinda hitting me all at
im kinda calming down now tho, all the ranting has helped
(45 mins of straight banter to three different people)
ok im gonna go now