devils memoirs
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2003-02-14 03:35:23 (UTC)

why not then?(poem)

why didnt i do it then
when i had the chance
i shouldve thaught real hard
about it
why must i be so fucked up
im an idiot
why am i alive
am i a coward
or a fight for life
why must i live this way
after day
after day
after day

i am an idiot
i had the chance
and i messed it up
why did i throw it away
i had the chance
it wont go away
it follows me
haunts me
everywhere i go
these feelings
chain me way down below
im stuck in a mess
i cant dig myself out
im stuck in a mess
get out

out of the way
im on fire
i wish
i was on fire
on fire
why must it end this way
ive had the chance
now its gone away

get out
never again
find a way
to make this end
always here
it throws me down
always here
its always around

Never go away
never go away
i had the chance
and its gone away
but yet i feel its here to stay
fuckin get away
from me
get away
get away

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