Life Sux Then You Die
2001-09-24 19:18:21 (UTC)

Day: 52(Cold and Wet)

today was: "Sneak-up-on-nicole-and-scare-her Day"

Let me explain... A girl named Jessica, who rides my bus,
snuck up behind me and hit me with her umbrella, spooking
me. Then Troy came up from behind me and tapped me
repeatedly on the shoulder, scaring me more. Thheeen later
after lunch, I was waiting for Mike in my usual spot, and
he comes up from behind and squeezes my sides. I screamed
and jumped.. -_-' I was soaked...It was POURING DOWN
RAIN!!! Thunder, lightning, wind...geez..And I walked to
the busstop in the pouring rain...Leann stayed at the
house, getting lectured by my older sister on "using her
umbrella" I got soaked, had water in my shoes cuz our
street got flooded since its all downhill and the street up
at the top of ours, their water runs down our street so it
was all flooded. My shirt got soaked and kept sticking to
me, then my skirt and stocking were all wet and still
are...And I have a cold now its sorta worse..oh
well..froze all day...then i FINALLY get to 4th, which was
nice and warm, then the teacher asks to turn the air on..-_-
' anyway..I froze..was wet..thats about my day. See yaz!