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2001-09-24 19:06:08 (UTC)

I am New

I am new here at this diary. I am looking for friends. My
name is Karissa Anne Lowell. I am 49.5
years old. I live in Chicago, Illinois.
I was adopted and live with my boyfriend and two
I have been married three times, divorced twice,
and am now a widow.

I am a White_Nationalist with a Christian Identity.

I have one daughter, Rebecca. She is 22 years old.
She lives in Des. Moines.

I have depression and a mixed personality disorder.
I am not nuts though.

I have been been married three times : My first Husband
was Harold Covington. 1973-1977.
My second ex was Roy L. Mock 1981-1986
My late husband was Jerry James Morris 1994-1999.

I had a son by Harold Covington in Bulawayo, Rhodesia born
on March 31, 1975. He died at the age of three months old.
He sent me away from him.
He could not deal with my mental illness.
We were divorced in 1977.

Rebecca is the love child between my second ex
and me, Roy L. Mock. We married two years after
I had her. The best marriage I made have had.
I love that man still but he is remarried.

My real soul mate, Donald Martino (Rocky) was born in 1934
and died on November 4, 1995. I have been
heart broken ever since. My life means nothing.

My last marriage didnot work due to Jerry's drinking
problems. We had some good times though.

I have a boyfriend, male friends, and friends.
I have other diaries on the internet. Because I
use writing as a form of therapy.

Right now, I am sick at heart, spirit, and body.

Love, AmericanIrishRose

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