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2003-02-14 03:01:18 (UTC)


This weeks has probably been the most dullest week I ever
had. I did the gym thing on Monday and Tuesday, went to
work on Wednesday. Thursday I was lazy and so
disorientated. I woke up around 12pm, did was going to go
out to the gym but I found myself forgetting to bring
stuff; my towel and most importantly my membership card.
Once I was out, I turned back saying to my mum it was too
cold to go out, trying to hide that I actually forgot my
membership card.
Well I think I should get my act in gear, tomorrows Friday
and I got alot to do. I think that my friends are going
through a neutral phase. Not great but not so bad either.
Sam is recovering from an accident he had at home, Mikes
working so hes putting alot of his time into that and I'm
just working around and about trying to pass the time on
the week. I just miss seeing them, may go around Sam to see
how he is, but for now, I'm just doing little things to
pass the time. I should really go out and have a bit of
fun, lately I think I'm not really being as spontaneous as
I used to be. When you have alot of time you tend to think
alot and times I really think alot I tend to remember about
stuff. I remembered a time when I went uptown to meet
Michael after work to get dinner. We ate at Garfunkels and
shared a BBQ Plater. It was really nice just me and him, we
talked about alot of things, mainly about where we are in
life, how things were and talking about other friends.
Although I haven't known Michael the longest (Sam being the
one) we tend to share alot more intimate moments.
I don't think I have had that many moments like those,
especially amongst friends. I only get that with Michael,
odd really. He's good company, we have a laugh.
I also reminsce about all my friends the funny moments.
Everytime I go uptown I pass this sports shop. When I go
uptown with Deren he always go on about what happened
there. Funny story really; I went to look for trainers there
so I went in, tried a trainer but it turns out to be a
girls trainer. Me being so embarrassed ran out of the shop,
with my head in a corner red in the face.
Seeing Sam actually clubbing and dancing was really funny.
Sam isn't one of those types of people who do it, unless he
is really drunk :-p. We went out clubbing on Rupesh's
Birthday, it was a blast, lots of fun and good music. I
remember getting off the night bus because I was feeling
really ill.
Yeah, I cherish these good times, embarrasing they maybe.
Well I'm going to bed now, night night ^_^.