2001-09-24 19:04:04 (UTC)


i have come to a conclusion that boys are really dumb. Okay
the boy Randy i know who i like and i hate saying but it is
so the very truth. well everyone that went to his
highschool that i know up here say i look just like the ex
girlfriend he does not like so much. Great, i really love
hearing that! Well he will be so cute for example my b-day
is coming up and he is like don't worry i will get you
something and he was scrolling down the aol name list and
he is like the only person i want to talk to is sitting
right here! you know how cute but then he will tell me to
say hi to this girl ashleigh i went to school with! But
this is bad but i know he would not like her if he knew
her. so i told him how she is one of those people that fish
for complements and says thigs like i am so ugly and my
life sucks and the covo is always about here she is always
about impressing people too. and she is one of the most
opinated girls ever! well Randy hates all that! I guess it
worked out for me. well next Randy told me that he was
glast o go home to visit all his good friends reasons for
this is he and his current best friend are fighting, but
then he adds not like i don't have any good friends up here
and winks. understading why i still like him i could not
tell you. i know he still knows i like him which sucks! i
get the whole bashfulness around him hoping and praying i
never say any thing to dumb. its just that he is so much
smarter but what can i do, but wait and find out. well
saterday night blew ass! meet so really stupid boy from
canada who goes here he was so stupid and not really that
cute. he lost his friends and so did i so i let him walk me
home then he invited him self up. wonderful oh well i gave
him some bankets and a pillows and let him crash on the
pull out bed. i am so nice, but then he has to go hey i
tought i was going to get some. GREAT i slamed my door in
his face! well yesterday was cool randy and brads and
chris's journals are all great! well not much more to say
except to leave you guys with a qoute for the road! "Out of
all i have learned in life
you always keep your friends close to your heart
'cause who will help you if your fallin down" the ataris
song: "the innocent" mest/goldfinger/good/charlotte. lookit
by typing in mest.
Feeling: who knows at the moment!