What's the point!
2001-09-24 19:00:55 (UTC)

I want to share......................

I opened my eyes to a brand new day. I wake knowing of
nothing that could happen during this day. But with full
knolgedge of what was going to happen in the future. I
remember days I woke up unhappy and quiet..didn't say too
much most days kept to myself, seemed to be better that
way. The person I saw the most I hated to be around. I was
weak but I got strength. I would always look for that
little dipper in the sky not sure why but it was hard to
find. And when I finally found it if I did at all I would
wish on it for my hard efforts. Eventually When I wish on
it they got a bit more serious...After a few years of
wishing on the little dipper my wish came true. I cant
exactly say what I wished for cuz they were always slightly
different. Such as.... To be understood, to feel loved,
wish for strenght, to be happy. One wish I dont even know
how many times I asked was....have I already met the man
I'm supposed to spend the rest of my days with...often
saying a sign????maybe if this works. But I guess I haddn't
yet! because I got no sign. You can say I'm kinda silly
with what I believe in but hell it keeps a smile on my
face. You only live once so believe whatever you want..not
like your going to get any true answers anyways. Well now I
can honestly say I got my sign!!!!!! I have met the man I'm
supposed to spend the rest of my life with!!! His name is
Matt and well I couldn't have asked for a better man
because as far as I'm concerened he is the only and last
man I have ever thought is 100% perfect in everyway and
that I love every little thing about him! To his beautiful
eyes...his amazing smile..the feeling he brings me when he
walks in a the total understanding of his mind
heart and soul. I see the beauty in everything now...hahaha
call it me being in love. But most people lose that
feeling...I will never he will never, we will always have
those *shivers* comming to us! Matt has made be truly a
better person...And well I want everyone to know!! These
are the words of my soulmate Matt and the voice of my other

Deanna, it's not just you and me... we are one. We always
will be. For now, we're boyfriend and girlfriend. Through
the years we'll be common-law, next will be man and wife.
I will marry you Deanna. I hope you know that?! But,
through all the titles, we will always be Matt & Deanna...
soulmates that have found each other, and will be forever
in love, living a life most could only dream of. I love
you Deanna. I will love you for as long as I live. And I
will do everything in my power to keep you happy.

You see I knew all that before he even told me. Its really
hard for us to explain to our friends and family how
exactly we feel. One thing we both know is love is a damm
weak word as far as were concerned. Our hearts have told us
both to hang on to eachothers love and well never let go!

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