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2003-02-14 02:12:45 (UTC)

Valentine's Day

So tomorrow is valentine's day... what to say about
that... well im not sad or anythign that i don't have a
girlfriend, that's not bothering me, but im used to doing
soemthing big for a girl and making her happy and what
not. I like doing that, but instead, I'm doing little
things for alot of my girl-friends, so hopefully if they
don't have a valentine or anything that it will at least
make them feel a lil bit better or put a smile on their

Haven't seen that girl since like tueday... weird. Oh
well, i will see her soon. I don't have much to say
tonight, so i guess i will talk to you later, Peace
Song of the Day: Every little thing, is gonna be alright
by Bob Marley
Tip of the day: Do something for someone who doesn't haev
a date, even if u don't like them any more then a friend.