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2003-02-14 01:48:13 (UTC)

i WaS bEaT wItH a ScArF....

today at school it was a normal day boring........... i had
3 tests...i passes all of them.............atleast i hope i
did!!!!!!!!!!!! well in spanish we learned the verb to come
and i almost died laughing cause it reminded me of my baby
lol long story........... but its all good................i
got a couple of valentine cards from people.....well after
school i met up with rachel and chrissy and we hung out at
chrissys hosue and we hung out but bridget didnt come
*tear* i havent hung out with her in a while i miss
her........well we hung out for a while and i got to talk
to my baby on the phone and i was singing lol.....then
chrissy was heating me with a pink scarf and she kicked me
lol it was funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but then my baby had to get
off the phone and that was sad!!!!!!!!!! then my mom call
chrissys hosue and yelled at me and told me to get my butt
home so i had to walk home and i froze cause i was in my
uniform from school....and it is a skirt so i really froze
and it was so windy it was hard to keep my skirt from
flying up!!!!!!! then when i got home bridget called me and
my mom let me go to party city with her so yay!!!!!!!!! we
got gifts for our friends for tomorrow...and my school and
her school have no school tomorrow!!!! so we are going to
hang out yay!!!!!!!!!!omg when i went to bridgets house we
walked through her backyard(its really really big) and its
like covered in ice and we skated across and of course i
had to fall so i brought her down with me and we laughed
for like 20 minutes cause we busted our butts lol....then i
had to go home so that was sad!!!!!!!!!!!! but ill get to
see her like all day tomorrow so yay!!!!!!!!!!!!well i have
to go bye bye

sHoRtY bOtZ lOlLyPoP

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