I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2001-09-24 17:55:45 (UTC)


I had a really weird dream about babies last night. I was
at my church which is odd since I haven't been there in
awhile. Anyway, I was at church and there were a ton of
people who I didn't know and you were to walk in and grab a
kid. You would sing along with whatever song was being
played at the time. It was this big sing along party. I was
holding a little boy. I got to church near the end and I
suppose it was coming up on nap time (certanly my favorite
part of the day) so it was a lullaby that was being played.
We all started singing and rocking the babies that we were
holding. Some of the babies were handicapped and some
weren't, but they were all cute. Well, I was singing to the
one that I was holding and he fell asleep. I went to put
him in a crib for a nap and it was as if he shrunk!! He was
much smaller than he was a moment ago! It was like he was a
premie! It was bizarre. There were more kids than there
were people to hold them, and the babies ranged in age from
newborn to walking age (I'm 21 with no kids, I have no idea
how old you are when you start walking. give me a break).
So sometimes you held 3 or 4 kids at a time. They were very
wiggly. It was nice actually. I don't believe that all
dreams mean something. But it was just really nice to hold
babies. I want kids. 4 to be exact. I know that I say that
now before I've given birth, but hey, I want 4. No, I have
no idea what I'll name them, but I will have at least one
boy and his name will be Ethan. Isn't that a great name? I
thought so too. Cheers to my cousin Ethan. Your name
rocks!! Well, I do want kids, but not at the moment. It was
still a good dream....