Place To Vent
2003-02-14 01:26:08 (UTC)

2/13 I'm Tired

i really want this week to be over. it just feels like it's
dragging on. today hasn't been that bad though. i was
really happy cuz i got 110/100 on my vocab test. hehe. i
haven't been able to do that all year. wow, i'm smart. jk.
photo was a free period for me like always and in precal i
did english hw. ap spanish went by super fast. i was proud
cuz i actually did my hw from friday and got credit for it.
see, little things like this make me happy. haha. i've got
about 15 minutes before i go to work. i haven't been to
work in about a week. long break...and yay for me i get to
close! it sucks, i wanted to go the basketball game. and i
close tomorrow night too but that don't matter cuz i got no
valentine anyway!! grrr. i'm gonna have a partay for the
single and lonely people. or maybe i'll just rent romantic
comedies and veg out in front of my tv all night. that
sounds alright to me. let's see...i'm gonna wish really
really hard for something GOOD to happen. ::wishing::
(5 min. later) i'm done. ok we'll see what happens with
that. hey, i twied! oh ya today is my mommy's bday - same
day as sean's! explains a lot...they're both cuhrazy! lol.
well i guess i'm gonna go now. i'll probably write more
later. buh bye.