The Journal of Greg Rodriguez
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2001-09-24 17:37:57 (UTC)

September 24, 2001 1:23 PM

Dear Journal,

I find myself longing for a computer of my own nowadays.
It's hard to write as much as I want to when I have to trek
upstairs to Gage's ghetto computer lab. Anyway, things are
fine as they can be for me, and a few things have developed
that need tellin'.

I found a good friend in Mitch, a twenty-one year old
country boy who lives down the hall from me. We've been
chillin' alot these past couple of weeks, and that's cool.
He's good people, although his dorkiness is glaringly
apparant alot of the time. He's had some serious mental
problems, like OCD and social anxiety disorder. But he's
gone through all sorts of treatment, and I enjoy his
company. I told him last night that he often sounds like a
human psychology book.

I also was introduced to Mitch's cousin Kayla. This chick
is sort of the punkish rocker, and she shaves her head,
which I never like on girls. The only statement it makes to
me is that you might be trying too hard to be a non-
conformist. Anyway, she's cool, but she wants me bad, which
is not good, for reasons that I'm really trying to express
without seeming shallow or narcissistic. Firstly, she's
just not my type, not that I know exactly what my type even
is. I see myself with someone who's a little more ...
urban? I don't know if that makes sense. She just doesn't
do it for me overall. She's a good chick to chill with, but
I doubt anything physical will come out of it.

Oh, do I have a story...so Kayla was over last night,
just on my nut completely. Come to think of it, I don't
even know if I can chill with her when Mitch isn't around,
because I find myself with nothing to say to her when it's
just the two of us. And I hate awkwardness. So we're just
watching TV, and Sean from across the hall walks in and
asks if I want to get down on a blunt. OH GOD DID I WANT
TO. Not only because I haven't smoked a good fuckin' L here
EVER, but it would have presented an opportunity to
actually CHILL with those guys, which I've wanted since
like the first day I got here. They seem like the type of
people I need to associate with. Sidenote, I rode the bus
home last week with the kid Anthony, who's tight with Sean.
Cool fuckin' kid. A bit of a scrub, but someone I just feel
comfortable talking to. Anyway, long one short, since
stupid bald Kayla was there, I had to decline. Now I'm
thinking that was my one chance, and I blew it. I'll never
get in with them. Hopefully that won't be the case. I'll
keep you posted.

Anyway, I'm gonna go play some Final Fantasy. Later.