Thee Sandman

Thee Sandman
2001-09-24 17:35:25 (UTC)

09.23.01 Dreams

I was in a warm cabin, the dark outside was very cold. We
decided to go to the store. We were going to walk. When we
got outside and started walking a small man riding on a very
unusual transport. It had two small, fat wheels made of
wood and covered in ice, being pulled by a reihndeer. He
was small like the lapp-lander's are, and was wearing that
kind of dress. He was moving very fast past us. we walked.
There was nobody out. very dark, very cold. When we got to
the store, which didnt have alot and had bad lighting,
Brandon was there with us. she was wearing a black nylon
shirt and that was all. I asked her if she was cold, she
said yes, but it wasnt too bad.

It was very dark, but not sure if it was night.
It was really cold and desolate.
I liked it