Life in the Making
2001-09-24 17:04:31 (UTC)

No Computer to go

Well, I get to school 20 monutes before I have to leave to
go to my first class. I go to my usual 2nd story computer
to find that everyone is in use. So I go to the 3rd and 4th
floors. All in use. So I decide to come downstairs since
there is a large area. I finally find one. And what do I
see? Byran Cabble. He is sitting right in front of me on
his computer. WOW. The jerk. He was actually being nice to
me. He has always been nice when those guys weren't around.
I think Vanessa still hates him though. Oh well. Back to
the topic at hand. Why are all the computers full? Don't
people have lives? Shouldn't they be in class??? I think
so. They need to get off the damn computers so nerds like
me can have a go at them. People are so insinitive.