Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-02-14 00:47:31 (UTC)

Why Not Try? Running Out Of Soup. And food. And everything. Not the room though.

Enjoy the end of the line, ye folks who read in?

This is a quick entry to say that I have bread in the
house, but had to fashion my meal tonight with 1/3 of an
onion. Tougher than you'd think. But I just followed
Ready, Steady, Cook charade and brought out lentils, my
dried non-meat, and a small can of spiced kidney beans.
And noodles. They were a highligt.

Tomorrow should be even better. Because of the mindless
delay until March for the release of Almost Cured Of
Sadness by Babybird, I have some money with 'buy an album,
you geyt' tattooed on it. Dave Tyack's new one is out, but
it gives me freedom to buy something I don't know.
Something odd. That is great. I've come back with some
awesome records doing that.

That dirty mexican thing. Sort of growly guitars.
The Slow Sad Truth Of Other People's Lives
Go Kill Mice
Songs For Me And My Baby (one of the best) by The
Oh, Buzzle Bee.
And the far, far better than it should be At Home With The

I don't want something that I want. I want something that
I don't know I want. Great. Not done it for ages. Can't
wait. Can't stop. Addicted to the shindig.

WILT? Smashmouth - Allstar, and it rocks.