2001-09-24 16:56:49 (UTC)

so that day, whatever day it..

so that day, whatever day it was, the 10th? 11th? i had
just gotten home from italian class and was getting an ice
pack ready for my twisted ankle... the landlord comes down
and tells us that he was watching TV and there was some
kinda explosion at the world trade center. his english isnt
that great, and my roomate and i were like, oh shit, but i
was thinking along the lines of what happened at the twin
towers a few years back. so i iced my ankle, chillin in the
living room and tried to call home, but my cell was being a
bitch. after awhile i figured i would head over to the
cell phone place to see what was up with my phone and while
i was there, go online and get some info.
so yeah, i sat in front of the computer and cried for about
an hour. everyone in there was crying. a couple people
asked me if i was from new york and all i could do was nod.
i walked back to my apartment and everyone on the street
was doing their thing, laughing and yappin away in italian
and getting on buses and crossing streets and talking to
eachother about the rain.
the sun was setting and it had just finished raining and
the sky was clear again and i looked up at it for a second,
thouoght something like who the fuck cares about you, and
went on in my daze.
all my roomates were home and all of them met me at the
door, none of them are from new york and they were all
worried about me, i promptly opened a bottle of wine and
proceeded to get drunk.
the next day i went to all my classes. and the day after
that. and i dont have a tv and i dont have a radio and
there are barely any english newspapers and all i know is
what my mother tells me when she calls.
and if i felt far away from home before, now i feel like im
in another universe. thats all something thats not real.
what made it kinda real for me, and what hit me over the
head was when kevin told me he was going to afganistan, and
that there is a war.
and now all i feel is that i am here. this is where i am.
and all i can do is hope for the best for my city, my home,
my family, my friends. hope and pray and do what i came
here to do.