prom queen killer

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2001-09-24 16:50:05 (UTC)


Ok so I'm bored outta my skull so I may as well go on with
the whole introduction shite..I used to have another diary
but people kept emailing me or whatever saying they
felt "hurt" by my comments *cough* IDIOTS! so that put an
end to that- I decided to go onto another site lol hmm this
is boringggg tho no lil icon ppl!! ya gotta love em!
anywayz I'm just a typical teenage gal (at least in theory
anyway!---and I don't mean like THAT!)15 years old- soon to
be 16 wahey! not that thats exactly exciting or anything
but its a thing thats half fun!
Usually go by the name Laura, Lozzy or Lozzykins (don't ask
its queer) femme fatale-lol putting the grrrr in gurl!
Ok friends rate on the odd scale to say the least but we're
all close and plus they're fun! fun is my main priority in
life although usually there's nothing "fun" going on-
usually find something to laugh at tho! Haven't really got
the time (or energy!) to write about each and everyone but
if your actually bored enough to read this you'll probably
soon get the gist of who's who!
Pets are a guinea pig! (who's caused me loadsa hassle from
my sis but who gives a fuck anyway???) lol oh and a dog:-/
used to have fish too but they got washed up-thats another
story tho LOL
Umm....can't think of much to write..Oh! I know! I live in
Cleethorpes which roughly translates to the middle of
nowhere! literally! And before I get any "odd" emails yes
I'm straight! Not telling who I fancy so nananananaaa!
childish? yes I know but thats me in a nutshell...

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