Event Horizon
2001-09-24 16:40:32 (UTC)

speak II

"Line!" Flutter lashes.

"Line!" A world coming into focus in 6 dimensions. 5, 4,
3, dimensions trying to reach 2 and not quite making it.

"Shit, Line, I thought you were gone!" Door was smiling
like a motherfucker. He kissed her fast knowing she was
too week to slap him.

The ceiling was cracked and opened itself for all the damp
and chill in Seattle. Line's skin was beaded with sweat.
16, a runaway, straight A student, a heroine addict
conscious of the fact that she was screwed and loving it.

Door was just a slacker. Kurt Cobain and the whole works.
Line didn't have blond hair so she couldn't be Courtney
Love. Besides, she was beautiful, even more so when she
grinned and denied it.

"1 to 10?"

"What?" LIne blinked and stared at the wall from the
floor. Back down, breasts up. Clothes in tatters.
Stylishly almost naked. Hair all around her shoulders.
Back to plot.

"1 to 10?" Door's eyes were too blue.

"8.5" She got on top of him breathed into his ear, fingers
absently exactly rubbing his crotch. Then got off quickly
precisely and strode to the window posing a cat lazy
leaning against falling plastered walls.

"You're a total bitch."

She lit a cigarette and waited for it to combine with the
smell of rain. It was a good thing Door was good at
computers. It payed bills and the lifestyle was fun as
hell. God, she was starting to think like a cliche novel.

"Cliche" she said and smiled a smoky smile.

"Do you ever try to make sense?"

"I'm not a carpenter."

"What?" Fake pissed voice.

"Nevermind dear, nevermind."