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2003-02-14 00:08:14 (UTC)

three words could heal you i'd only speak two

nothing too exciting going on lately...
reading alot.... being artist (painting, drawing,
doodling).... about to get my lisence (YEA!!!!!)

valentines day...yuck...but there could be worse
holidays... ex: "cut off your dick day" "fall off a cliff
day" "stick hot pointy things in your eye day" etc...

school's ok, it's not fun, but it's pretty easy.

like i said nothing exciting

APRIL 22 - house of blues - TAKING BACK SUNDAY w/ FROM
AUTUMN TO ASHES!!!!! yeah i definately can't wait...

as for the friend situation...... (here we go)....
this past weekend was an enlightened time... i had a
wonderful weekend...but better than what i did was the
people i spoke with/hung out with. i hung with the usuals
(no lauren, not the usuals = brandon, you, me, lino etc..
they have sadly disbanned) but my regular buds. and at
some dumb band thing a once good friend now friend-when-
it's- convient friend and i talked. not about anything
personal and crap but talking is talking. oh well i'm
pathetic. i would feel really dumb if they read this cus i
make something out of nothing. there's no real situation i
just make it seem that way so my life seems more exciting.

sorry no juicy stuff.... what can i say nothing "juicy"
has happened lately... i cant wait until it

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