**KeLlI BlAbBiNg**
2001-02-24 02:29:14 (UTC)

Diary, Feb 23, 2001 It..

Diary, Feb 23, 2001

It's like 8:30 just about and I hafta go to Saturday School
tomorrow! Argh, I don't wanna get up that early!!! But
it's gonna be better than last time because Amber and Lauren
and all my friends are gonna be there :) I've gotta go
until APRIL 14TH! And can you believe I've been going every
year they've had it since 6th grade??? LOL, oh, well, only
a couple more weekends.
Guess whose gonna be there?? DANIEL! LOL, I'm not
obsessed, I swear, but I mean we just became pretty good
friends after four years and it's great to talk to him
again! Plus, he's pretty hot :)
And did I mention what I found out yesterday? Okay,
there's an ex of mine, Adrian, who I didn't officially end
things with, things just kinda fizzled out. I went with him
about two years ago, when he called me up during the summer,
and we were together for about three months. Then things
fizzled out and I didn't talk to him for about a year??? He
called New Years Eve of 2000. I shouldn't have acted like
nothing was up, but I took him back until February where we
fizzled out AGAIN after I moved into our new apartment. I
didn't care because I'd met Trey and everything, but THEN
yesterday one of my friends Rayven (Daniel's ex) was wearing
this jacket and it said 'Loya' on it. At first I thought,
well, maybe it's just like loyal but the 'l' came off. I
pointed it out to Lauren and she's like, "What's your ex's
name?" I was like, "Adrian" and she goes, "Yup, that's who
she goes with"....ugh! Oh, well! Should I be jealous or
mad or what? And it's weird because when he dropped his
little brother off at school and we were behind him, he
looked at me like he knew me, but he gave me a *mean* look.
I've changed alot though over the past two years like,
straightened my hair, dyed it blonde and got contacts and
grown a couple inches, so I dunno...maybe I resemble another
ex???? LOL, sorry about the venting!