sex kitten

life of a porn star
2001-09-24 15:57:29 (UTC)

o geez

well tom emailed me this morning and was like-im really
sorry too and we can still be friends cant we? -so im a
little baffled but it would be cool to be friends with him
still but there would still be that temptation bc i am
really attracted to him. grr then he is online and he
doesnt talk to me. i dont think he was disgusted by me bc
he seemed to be enjoying himself the other night. but mabey
he is smarter than me in the right and wrong department
lol . o well i just want to have fun right now. so im not
realy sad mabey a little dissapointed. hey also matt is
single again but im not gonna let myself go there again.
lol o well things could be worse. goodbye!!