Skunk Boy

Skunkies Diary
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2001-09-24 15:48:40 (UTC)

Broadside! We're Goin' Down!

Last night I noticed i'm very boring, I don't play video
games, I don't watch tv, I don't go to the movies, I have
so little interests I can list them all!, and I don't
listen to music unless its from a time when tv was rare and
when you had one it was black and white. I don't even fit
in with the furres. Also, I was intimidated and belittled
by Yama and Lyanscott, they busted the ego I had. They
didn't mean to, but when the subject of Pawing Off came up
I noticed that they said andrew would be a neat sex partner
and I wouldn't -.- The only reason it bothers me is my
sense of competition, if someone does ANYTHING better than
me, I have to work hard and get better than them. And,
during the time that i'm not better, I feel like crud and
like I have to take down the guy who's better than me. I
wish I could tell Yama and Lyanscott, but they just had a
hard time and Lyanscott wants to CUT himself, which REALLY
pisses me off more! What a great way to start the day!

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