random scribbles
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2003-02-13 21:56:07 (UTC)

if you like large intestines, please let me find out

[music - the ataris - mind - happy but exhausted]

well i felt i should do a very quick update on my life of
the past week or so since i last wrote...

the weekend. was good. in a way. i had a lot of fun with
chris on saturday, i forced him to bake (even got him to
wear an apron lol), we went to see final destination 2, it
was a really laugh, tacky gore, funny though. he made me a
mix tape with a bunch of great songs on it. and decorated
with stars.
after he went home, i walked over to the garage. while i
walked i thought about a lot of stuff and came to a few
conclusions which i probably shouldnt write on here, but
they are making me a little miserable right now.
i met up with nudge and lucy and we went into the garage. i
guess the bands were a little behind cause we had to sit
through two before david's came on. actually it was a
pretty pleasant surprise. he has a really good stage
presence, very charismatic... which i think stems somewhat
from his arrogance :)
their music isn't at all bad, a little generic, but that
was what made them okay. after they came off nudge went to
speak to david. she likes him a lot. which i can
understand, i think that we are both destined to fall for
guys who will only ever hurt us... such is life.
afterwards we headed back to lucys, chlo came over in her
pjs and we all sat around chatting and eating and watching
tv, it was good.

school this week has been interesting. mostly taken up with
yearbook things. i got an A for both my biology papers,
which i was really pleased with, and a mix of A and B for
english - which again, very pleased with. i got a D for
history which sucks. i don't care about it but firstly it
caused just a little friction between dad and i, to say the
least, and secondly my history teacher is now treating me
with a little contempt. she knows i could have done better,
she is one of the most intelligent and hard working people
i have ever come across, and if i was her i would not like
me either.

also jess and i have taken up running again. thats one of
the best things in my life right now. i feel SO good when i
run, it takes my mind off everything for half an hour, and
i'm starting to feel a lot healthier for it. that sounds
pathetic when i say its one of the best things in my life,
but its just that it makes me feel good about myself, that
i'm actually doing something thats... good... i cant think
of another word. normally when you do something its hurting
someone or yourself in some way. but this is a pure
wholesome activity, and now as anna says i do sound crazy!
so i'll stop.

basically things are good right now, and i have next week
off school, so they can only possibly get better. theres
just a couple of things upsetting me and they're all man
related, which is easy enough to deal with.

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