random scribbles
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2003-02-13 21:32:36 (UTC)


so, having stuck myself on the yearbook committee this year
due it being one of the few ways i can delude myself that
i'm american, i am in the happy position of being able to
read everyone's parents good luck notes before it comes to
doing this at school today i was so happy and overwhelmed
by the love that parents have for their kids. i know i have
this obsession with growing up and being an apple pie
baking mom and all that... but i really can't wait. it
might seem a little crazy. i just am so looking forward to
being able to offer that love that's been offered to me.
so here's my dad's note for me. it makes me feel pretty
good inside cause, being my dad, he has to write something
totally sincere and not really tacky, but that means a LOT
to me.

emily, you chose channing from several flattering
opportunities, and have always looked forward, impatient
for the next big event. though invariably you have put fun,
your friends and interests first, somehow your results have
excelled, for which your teachers, especially those you
have really liked, must share your credit. Best of all, i
feel increasingly confident that you know where your best
interests lie. whatever any of us, channing and friends
included, have done to develop this sense in you, long may
it guide you forward.
love and all best wishes to you and all your friends, dad

i just feel a lot of love for the big dude right now :)