2001-09-24 14:08:18 (UTC)

I promised more

I used to have another diary, it was in another place, and
silly me, I gave out the URL, I thought people would like
to know what I was thinking, and that'd be nice. However
I've since found that I've had to edit everything so much,
so that poeple don't get hurt, so they don't get upset...
so no ones feeling are hurt, and I got jack of it.

So, this is, me ,its an odd feeling knowing I can say what
I like.

I'm fucking this girl, shes smazinbg in bed, we arn't
anything really, and that fine. W fuck, everyday. . and I'm
single so its ok. However there is this other girl, E.
She's jelous as fuck, she thinks I should be hers or
something. I fucked her a few times too. She went crazy
though, she fell in love with me, and I was always honest..
thats not the way I feel about you. But, she did it anyway,
and when I couldn't return the feeling, she spent a lot of
time keeping people away from me. Then, I really made a bad

My first friend, P. The one in bed, the awesome one... she
cut herself, not to kill. no, just to get out the pain. I
took her to this girls house, I thought she was a friend..

She made P so mad, so angry that she wouldn't talk to me.
She kept her away, the tried to support me.

Its hard to describe, and it pisses me off.

I think I'd like to move away from here, there is too much
here. I'd like to get a job in Sydeny and leave this place.
Thats what I'd like.

I'm at work, I guess I'd better do some.

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