Book of Suicide
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2003-02-13 20:14:11 (UTC)

pure ecstasy

if you were to paint a portrait of ecstasy in its purest
form, what would it look like? would there be shadows
polluting the sidewalks and blurring the corners of
buildings? would there be absolute darkness with nothing
ever changing? would there be a being watching over all?
would he dictate or nuture? would there be a meadow of
poppies that would cradle any person who laid upon them?
would there be a tranquil spot of nature with a musical
essence that the onlooker can hear? would there forever
more be rain immersing all who dwelt there? would there
never be the feeling of reality? would there be a castle
of wonders set upon a hill overlooking the ocean? would
there be a place rendering only love and tenderness? or
would pure ecstasy be nothing at all, just nothingness?

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