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2003-02-13 19:32:51 (UTC)

People are so dumb

Ya know i hate internet people who think they know you and
whats going on in your mind when they are like across the
world. it's freakin dumb. i get this email about some girl
in england who wants me to come live with her and i tell
her that i can't i have school to finish and that my best
friend, which is a guy, wouldn't let me go. and she emails
me back and is like ohh we're going to call the cops on you
and everything cuz it is bilagmy (or something like that)
to access lesbian web sites and everything when you have a
boyfriend and are not really lez. i'm like whateverm for
one he is not my bf and i can acess anything i want from
the interenet and it's not biligamy, cuz i am lez damnit.
people get on my nerves sometimes.