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2003-02-13 19:28:02 (UTC)

interesting day

I had a very interesting day today. In Science, my group
worked on our newest project. Correction: Me and Tiffany
worked on it while the two boys played with the Play-Doh.
In Language Arts, we're reading the play of "The Diary of
Anne Frank" and I read for Anne. The person who reads for
Peter, Dustin, got kicked out of the room for talking when
he wasn't supposed so Ian took his place. Ian is a very
different person from Dustin and is always getting us to
laugh. He spoke in a really fake deep German accent that
made us all laugh including the teacher! It was how he said
it that made it really really funny. Anyway, in Math class,
we watched a very boring movie with the class of my
teacher's sister. I thought I was going to die of boredom!
In Band class, we played our three songs and as usual, two
of the girls in front row, Rita and another girl, turned
around, asking us if we had first or second clarinet music.
It pisses me off!!! They don't have to ask us that and I
swear they're ALWAYS making sure that we play the right
notes and I show them off by showing them the fingering for
whatever note they were asking about. I even know notes
higher than they can play! I have to finish my math project
now but that's really all I had to say for today.