Giving in
2001-09-24 12:32:55 (UTC)

hello again

hey mey weekend was pretty good. i went to lunch with my
father on fri. afternoon and then i got my shit together
for the show. incubus was fucking great. the show was
really good they played for a good two hours. i went with
jenna, taraneh and taraneh's friend katie. i think they
oversold the show by like two hundred tickets though. the
electric factory was packed. when incubus started i was in
the middle close to the front with jenna. it started to
get really hot and jennna came real close to passing out.
so we went to the back and found laura and jackie, then we
went and sat down on the bench in the back for the rest of
the show. i ran into jen and adrian a couple of times at
the show. taraneh got overheated or something and was
really fucked up. she could barely walk after the
concert. but we managed to get home safe and i dropped
them all off and i was supposed to crash at alex's house
but i couldn't find him at all. so i went to my parents
house and slept there. i went to work on sat and that was
pretty uneventful, i went back to devons house and helped
her father move my bed to the second floor into the room we
had painted and finished. after that i took a shower then
headed over to randy's house. randy and i chilled there
for a while then went to molly's house to see if she wanted
to go to the damn for randy's birthday party. when we got
ther i guess she had just gotten out of the shower because
she was in a towel. so randy and i wait outside for her to
get ready, so we can talk to her. we decide to go around
her neighborhood and look for some wood to steal. we find
a house that has a huge stack of wood behind it and ...i'll
finish later