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2003-02-13 17:25:56 (UTC)


Hi! This is my first entry. My name is Brandi. I am 20
years old and I am in school for Cosmetology (I do hair,
for all you people that don't like big words) haha. I will
soon be graduating in April. Then it is off to Florida for
me! I am going to be visiting my dad in Florida in 5
days! I am excited, I haven't been down there for 2 and a
half years! I dont have a job, I am poor...but I get by.
Hmm...Well let's see..I skipped school Tuesday, went
Wednesday for like 3 hours, and skipped school again
today! I guess I am jus excited about going to Florida and
wanna take off of school till I come back! Haha!
Hmm.. Well, I got rid of this boy I was talkin to...he
was a big asshole!! I told him I wasn't gonna call him
anymore...and he hasn't called me.. so It's all good. BUT,
I am talkin to someone else now and hes really nice, so
far.. but you never know about guys, they seem to be all
the same. Its like they all have this big plan to use
girls and not be nice to them. Doesn't make sense to me,
you would think they would wanna be happy...but WHATEVER!
ok well that is everything you need to know about me and
everything I can think of...If I think of anything good
then Ill let ya know.. Later.