my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-02-13 16:20:46 (UTC)

big smile :)

im happy. Ok. for the past almost week i have been getting
up early for me and getting to bed late. last thursday
night i was up to at least 1230 probably later. friday i
woke up at liek 10 t oclean. then that wnight amy was here
and i was up to 2:30 watching movies, and liz(brat!) weoke
us up before 9 cause she didnt want to turn the t.v. down.
thenthat night iwas watching saving private ryan and i
didnt want to turn it of lol so iwas up till 1:30(when i
finally turned it off) and i had t oget up for church then
that night i was up till 1 doing my pcyshology homework and
i haev to get up @ 8 monday morning then monday night i was
up wtill 1230 and woke up at 930 and then... tuesday
night... i stayed up till 2:30 lol. i was cleaning! and i
woke up at 9. so yesterday io was thinking "maybe i can
actually sleep in thursday" then i found out i am
babystitting my niece for the third day in a row, but she's
not coming till noon *yay* so i was going to sleep till
1030 or 11. but then around 9 people kept calling and
calling. soliciters(6 of them the dorks) and my sisters and
mrs gweb hah i almost stayed awake lol. but i was too tired
haha so i went back to sleep. till 11! YAY that was
wonderful. Now im getting ready to take a bath. Casey came
over wednesday:) It was great... we didnt do like anything
but watch movie all day (with the exception of driving to
moms house and theflorist to meet stephanie) and it was
nice to finally be with him! I really did have a good time.
It was funny though, because like around 3 or so he asked
if i was alright i was like "yea" ???? i didnt know why he
was asking then also later he asked me and i said the same
thing i was confused lol so last night i asked him why he
asked and he said i had stopped smiling lol. i said "are
you serious?! i didnt know!" i think thats funny. then i
said "well no one can smile all the time. unless ur barbie'
then we started talking about barbies lol. it was funny. ok
well i need to go and relax in my bath:) bye!

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