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2003-02-13 15:10:23 (UTC)

shuuut up

i'm sitting in the presentation room in communications-
listening to mr. rowe ramble on about some stupid
shiznit. it's so gay. anyways, this week has flown by i
think. today is christy's birthday.. nifty. mine is in 7 days,
i'm excited, kind of. tomorrow is valentine's day! woo
hoo, i got like 22 valentine's, imaaaagine that! haha
yeah right, but it's okay. i really should get paul
something since he's getting me something, but i've
only got 2 dollars left, very sad. tonight i think i'm going
to the store with josh if he has not already gone- but he
asked me to ride with him so i will. last night robert
talked to me for a while online, it was grand, i haven't
really talked to him before, he's awesome. i went to
band practice too- cops came too, haha. then rode with
alicia then back to steve's, tracey got me SESAME
STREET VALENTINE CARDS!! isn't that absolutely
graaaand!?!? yeah buddy. :) they're great to me. i don't
know what i'm really doing tomorrow, maybe i actually
will chill with paul, or maybe just him and charlie like i
usually would- who knooows i could just sleep :) that'd
be real good times. well bells gonna ring, laaater!